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Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School Life at Unicorn Primary School

Our Headteacher will be holding tours of the school every Wednesday at 9.15am starting from 18th September until 11th December. Please call or email to book a place via  admin@unicorn.bromley.sch.uk.

  • Strive to Achieve
  • Believe in yourself
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Challenge yourself
  • Solve your problems
  • You can do it!

Welcome to Unicorn Primary School

Unicorn Primary School

On behalf of staff and governors I would like to welcome you to Unicorn Primary School which opened in September 2003.

I am very proud to be the Head Teacher of this beautiful school and am delighted with the extensive facilities that the school has to offer. I am constantly pleased with the very positive reaction we receive from parents, children and visitors to our school. Our excellent staff and governors are an enthusiastic, dedicated team of people who are committed to achieving the very best for each and every child within our care to help them reach their full potential.

Children are at the centre of everything we do at Unicorn Primary. Our aim is to provide a stimulating learning environment in which children are excited to learn and are given the confidence to achieve their potential. We pride ourselves on encouraging a child's enthusiasm and nurturing a love of learning.  We want children to enjoy school life and we work to achieve this in an environment which fosters the traditional values of respect, reliability and responsibility. This is demonstrated in our Unicorn Promise:

  • Strive to achieve
  • Believe in myself
  • Respect myself and others
  • Solve my problems
  • I can do it
  • Challenge myself

In our relentless drive for excellence, we foster strong links between home and school, actively encouraging parents to be closely involved in their child’s education. As part of Compass Academy Trust (please find the link to the Compass Academy Trust website at the bottom of this page), Unicorn Primary School benefits from working closely with four other local primary schools and has the opportunity to collaborate and share good practice whilst still retaining our individual identity and ethos. We try to develop pupils as excellent learners, with social and emotional skills that help them to reach their full potential in life.

Unicorn Primary School has much to offer than purely academic, sporting and musical success and we would be delighted to welcome you to our school. Please contact the school office direct (the details can be found on the “Contact” page on our website) with any queries you may have or to make an appointment for a school visit to experience our exciting, vibrant and happy environment.


Sue Robertson
Head Teacher, Unicorn Primary School          


Please click on the logo below to go to the Compass Academy Trust website. The Trustees report and audited accounts year ending 31 August 2017 can be found by following this link.

What Makes Us Proud!

Our children have been telling us why they like coming to school so much. Here just some of the reasons!


 "I'm proud of the teachers as they are good at teaching you how to learn and take you ideas into account." - Year 6 pupil


It's a safe school. It's fun. Teachers are good as they don't take any silliness" - Year 6 pupil


       "When you first come here it's easy to make friends. Everyone is friendly." - Year 5 pupil


"When we go to competitions and even if we came last, the teacher tells us we did well and we tried our best." - Year 5 pupil


"I'm proud that we raise money for charity. It's not just about getting our own education but helping others." - Year 4 pupil


"We have loads of teachers that can help you. They will listen and try their hardest to sort it out." - Year 4 pupil


"We have nice school dinners." - Year 3 pupil


"We have lots of fun stuff and the people and teachers in the school keep us safe." - Year 3 pupil


"I'm proud that we have Golden Ball treats." - Year 2 pupil


"They teach us clever things." - Year 2 pupil


"I'm proud that I achieve things." - Year 1 pupil


"I'm proud that everyone is given the chance to be Star of the Week." - Year 1 pupil 


"I'm proud we have bunnies."  "All the teachers look after us." - Reception Pupils